Custom Interior Wood Shutters
Product Information and Options

"Simply the Best Shutters at the Best Price"

There's nothing like the natural beauty of real wood to add richness and warmth to your home.

To meet your design needs or personal preference our interior shutters are available in four louvre widths, each offering it's own distinct look and benefits. The classic California Shutter louvre at 2 3/8" and the very popular Plantation Shutter louvre at 3 1/2" are most requested, but the Traditional 1 3/8" louvre and the new Ocean View louvre at 4 1/2" are available to satisfy any application. Your window shutter panels can be constructed in any combination of either movable or fixed louvres, or solid flat panel or raised panel inserts, depending on your particular application needs or preference.

You may choose traditional flat face Plantation Shutters open side frame stiles or our popular decorative raised beaded stiles that blend with your existing window casing for a totally built-in look. Side stiles are available in narrow or standard widths to best compliment any window opening.

All components of our interior shutters are constructed from select, solid, kiln-dried, tight-grain hardwood; yellow poplar, maple or oak, eliminating any chance of panel distortion or louvre sagging inherent with inferior wood composite or hollow vinyl shutter products.

Whenever possible, we install your shutter panels directly inside your existing window opening for a natural, built-in look. We never remove, replace or cover your decorative window casing with bulky frames. Depending on your window, when a small 3/4 inch frame is necessary, it is custom constructed on-site during installation to retain a sleek classic look.

California Shutters
You have the option of our traditional Tilt Rod placement on the front centre of the shutter louvres for the Classic California look, or you may choose to offset the tilt-rod close to the side stile. If you prefer a slightly more open 'clear-view' look, you can hide the Tilt Rod to the rear of the louvres offset to the hinge side.

Divider Rail
An optional Divider Rail can be placed at any specified height within the shutter panel as a personal preference at no additional cost. This allows independent louvre operation of separate upper and lower sections within the same shutter panel giving enhanced privacy and light control options.

Plantation Shutters closed
Custom Colour or Stain
You may specify your shutters finished in any custom paint colour or stain you desire. After our exclusive sanding and finishing process, we use only the finest primers, paints and lacquers for long-lasting durability gauranteed not to fade or discolour. Our bright white or off-white options suit almost any application, but you may mix and match any colours or stain finishes you prefer.

All options are available at no extra cost.


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